Weekly News For Families – 15.03.2024

Dear Parents and Carers,

It feels this half term of learning is whizzing by. So as we come to the end of another week, the children have taken a brief ‘pit stop’ to reflect on what they have learned so far over the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

The children in Camber and Lewes Class said:

  • When we double a number, you need two of the same number to make a bigger one

  • We have enjoyed the book about Emma Jane’s Aeroplane and how to she goes to different cities: London, Paris, Venice, New York, Beijing and Sydney

  • Hot air balloons have hot air inside them from fire

  • We have learnt how to make papier-mache from newspaper to make our own hot air balloons

  • We have been finding numbers that make 9 and 10

  • We can tell stories using pictures

  • We have been writing lots of sentences and putting full stops at the end of them

    The children in Amberley, Bramber and Hastings Class said:

  • We loved learning about space in the Space Dome

  • We have learnt about Neil Armstrong who stepped on the moon first

  • We have been colour mixing and creating different shades

  • We have enjoyed learning about Van Gogh and his Starry Night painting

  • We have been learning how to tell the time

  • We need to count in 5s when telling the time

  • In PSHE we have learnt how to stay healthy by eating well and exercising

  • We have been comparing things that are light or heavy and full or empty

  • We know the symbols of the Easter story

    The children in Bodiam, Pevensey and Southsea Class said:

  • There are deserts all around the world – they can be hot or cold

  • We have learned how different animals and plants have adapted to survive in different desert conditions

  • We have written non-chronological reports about some of these animals and plants

  • Reconciliation means ‘getting back together’

  • We have learned why saying sorry is important to Christians

  • Mixed numbers are made up of a whole number and a fraction and improper fractions are where the numerator is greater than the denominator

  • Shadows are shorter when the the sun is higher in the sky

  • Georges Seurat was a French artist who used the technique of pointilism to create his paintings – some of which were over 3 metres wide and 2 metres tall!

  • Pointilism is a type of art using lots of tiny dots

  • We have enjoyed learning how to give directions from a map in P.E.

    The children in Cowdray, Portchester and Southsea Class said:

  • In our writing, we have been using expanded nouns phrases, relative clauses and hyphens

  • We have been investigating which solids will dissolve in water to make a solution

  • We have have learned and located different climate zones around the world

  • We have enjoyed exploring what the conditions are like in the Arctic and the Antarctic

  • We found out that the achievements of Matthew Hewson (the African-America to reach the North Pole) were ignored – he didn’t receive any recogition

  • We can convert fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions

  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper has more detail then we think

  • We have used our knowledge about the journey of The Endurance to write a diary entry from Ernest Shackleton’s point of view

  • We have used our time tables knowledge to help us become more confident in using the short division method

    As you can see, it has already been another busy half term with a wide variety of learning taking place.

    Making Mistakes and Putting Things Right

    In Tuesday’s Collective Worship, Reverend Richard asked the children if they had ever made a mistake. Through listening to and taking part in the Old Testament story of Jonah and the whale, the children were able to think about and reflect on the importance of putting things right after a mistake has been made. In his Gospel, Luke writes ‘As you wish that others do to you, do so to them’ Luke 6:38

    . Our classroom learning ladders and behaviour policy provide opportunities for the children to be recognised for their positive behaviours – both in their learning and the way they treat each other. They also give the children immediate opportunities to make good any mistakes and where necessary repair and restore any ‘damage’ that has been caused.

    Swimming Success

    Congratulations to Chloe, Lilyana, Jessica and Evan who competed in the Sussex Schools Primary Team Championship. They won both of their relay races and will now take part in the Regional Competition in May. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Cobb and Mrs Signorelli for taking and supporting the children.

    Chichester Corporate Challenge

    Well done to our running team, made up of Cierra, Bethany, Lilli, Emma, Alexus, Indi, Olivia, Zack, Freddy, Evan and Archie for taking part in the second race around the streets of Chichester. Once again, they all gave each other lots of support and encouragement. Only one more race to go in a couple of weeks’ time!

    60 Minute Active Festival

    On Wednesday afternoon, our Year 6 children took part in a 60 Minute Active Festival at the Ormiston Six Villages Academy. They were all a credit to our school, both in terms of behaviour and how they engaged in the activities in a very warm sports hall!

    Year 5 Bronze Ambassadors

    Whilst the Year 6s were being active, the Year 5 children enjoyed their own active afternoon which was led by our Bronze Ambassadors: Florence, Elliot, Matthew and Oscar. The four of them demonstrated their brilliant leadership skills in organising and running a carousel of events the rest of the Year 5 children took part in.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    As it is St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday 17th March, the children in this house may wear something green

    (not just their school jumper!) to school on Monday 18th March.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Take care

    Kim Huggett