Dear Parents and Carers,

Can you believe we are already half way through the part of the Spring Term? Where has the time gone?

During Monday’s Worship, the children were able to think about what Jesus said: ‘I came to give life – life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10. These words form our school vision and drive our ambition to ensure the children have a wide range of opportunities which can enable them to life life to the full. The children spent sometime listing all the different things they have the chance to do whilst they are here at Yapton C, of E. Primary School. So many different clubs, learning experiences and responsibilities were talked about. Our Collective Worship included the Young Voices Choir performing a couple of the songs they have been learning in readiness for their trip to the O2 Arena in London.

Young Voices Concert

The 50 children who went to perform in the Young Voices Concert on Tuesday had a brilliant time. Although it was a very long day, the anticipation on the coach, the excitement of the rehearsal with the live band and then the thrill of the performance meant everyone made some life-long memories. Here are a few reflections of the day from some of the children:

  • It was the best experience because I got to sing with lots of other children.
  • I loved performing with 9,027 children.
  • It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves
  • I loved doing the massive Mexican wave.
  • The 13 year old drummer was really inspirational.
  • I thought it was a special moment singing with my school family.
  • I loved the street dancers from Urban Strides.
  • Singing the ‘Matilda Medley’ was just the best.
  • It was a really good thing to do in my last year at primary school.
  • I just loved everything!

It is really important we recognise the hard work and dedication of Mr Hughes in bringing this event to life.

A special thank you also needs to be said to Miss Hook, Mrs Browning and Mrs Dean who came along with the children, Mr Hughes and I. I think they had quite a good time too!

‘Half Time’ Learning Highlights

We have reached the half way point of this half term. This is provides an ideal opportunity for the children to reflect back on what they have learned in the Spring Term so far.

Children in Camber Class said:

  • Fairy tales start with, ‘Once upon a time…’ and they end with, ‘…happy ever after.’
  • Names are important and Jesus is so special.
  • Scales go down when it’s heavy and if something is light it will go up.

Children in Lewes Class said:

  • We have been filling up cups and then making them empty.
  • We built a bridge and we were the troll from the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’
  • We have been drawing and writing our own stories on story boards.

Children in Amberley Class said:

  • We have been learning how to make equal groups and multiply.
  • We know all about habitats now!
  • We loved making a slider and lever to make a moving dinosaur picture.

Children in Bramber Class said:

  • We have been learning how Muslims help others show compassion.
  • We know how fossils are made.
  • We have been learning about Pointillism in Computing.

Children in Hastings Class said:

  • We know all the different coins now.
  • We know some dinosaurs were herbivores and others were carnivores.
  • We learned about a man call Muhammed in R.E. and how he cares for animals.

Children in Arundel Class said:

  • We have been grouping and sharing in Maths.
  • We know how switches in circuits work.
  • We can use fronted adverbials and conjunctions in our narrative writing.

Children in Bodiam Class said:

  • We have been learning about how Muslims worship and know they pray facing in one direction.
  • We have enjoyed writing our stories about a robot called Boot.
  • We know robots can help people in different ways.

Children in Pevensey Class said:

  • We know the safety rules around electricity.
  • I have learned robots that look like humans are called humanoids.
  • I know factors come in pairs and I can find the factors of different numbers.

Children in Cowdray Class said:

  • We know how to multiply a 2-digit number by another 2-digit number.
  • I know why they are different phases of the moon.
  • We enjoyed learning how to write a calligram poetry.

Children in Portchester Class said:

  • We have been learning how to turn fractions into decimals.
  • We have enjoyed how to use the different body muscles to support different positions.
  • I know the Torah is the holy script of the Jewish people.

Children in Southsea Class said:

  • I know Peter Thorpe uses left over paint to create his art. That’s why they’re so colourful!
  • We know so much more about the planets, like Saturn has 156 moons.
  • We have learned we can be positive and overcome challenges.


Over the next coupe of weeks, we are going to be joined by teams from West Sussex County Council so that our youngest and oldest children can enjoy their ‘Bikeability’ experience.

Next week, the children in Lewes and Camber Classes are going to enjoy some Level 1 Balance Bike Workshops and then during the following week the Year 6 children will complete their Level 2 Bikeability training which which equip them with the skills to safely ride on the roads.

Inset Days

Here’s a reminder that there are two Inset Days coming up soon. They lie either side of the half term break. The dates of the Inset Days – when the children do not need to come to school – are Friday 9th and Monday 19th February.

NHS Sussex Partnership Webinars

Please find attached details about a series of webinars organised by the Sussex Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) which are free and open to all parents and carers of children and young people in Sussex.

Key Year 6 Dates

Also attached is a list of key dates for the Year 6 children. All of them are in the Summer Term, but I am sure they will come around very quickly.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Kim Huggett